Anees Janee Ali, Nugroho J. Setiadi, Rehana Aafaqi

Creative Performance of Indonesian Operating Managers: Characteristics and Creative Performance of Radio Station Operating Managers:The Impact Of Leader-Member Exchange


The rapid growth of radio broadcasting business in Indonesia imposes specific challenges on the development of competitive advantage.The radio stations are applying excellent and unique elements such as speed, mobility,learning ability,and individual or team work capabilities.It is an important source of competitive strength for radio station organizations that are concerned with growth and changes.Grounded by the Interactionist model of Individual Creativity (Woodman,Sawyer & Griffin, 1993), the book proposes a framework linking Indonesian radio station managers? Personality, Intrinsic motivation, Creativity-relevant personal characteristics, Leader-member exchange (LMX), and Creative performance.The book has managed to show the importance of Leader-member exchange and multiplicative nature among personal characteristics. A total of 283 operating managers of Indonesian radio stations participated in the present research. Data for all variables were collected through self- administered survey questionnaires. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses were conducted to test the hypotheses posited in the present research.