Charles Graybar

Calm amid Chaos


Charles Graybar
   - Calm amid Chaos

Charles Graybar has led a remarkable existence by almost anyone’s account. His pathway in life has spanned his early in life formal studies in physics to a career that took him to seats on several corporate boards of directors and finally to his current endeavor in life; a full-time spiritual seeker, best selling author and teacher of meditation.

Graybar set aside his early interests in the sciences and by the time he reached his late 30’s he had attained corporate officer status in a Fortune 100 company and also held appointments on several corporate boards of directors. Despite all of his success in business, as he approached his early 40’s he came face-to-face with the recognition that his need for true meaning and meaningful inner peace in life was not being fulfilled by material and business achievements. He was also aware that stress had become a major product of his daily corporate life. Mustering the courage of his convictions, Graybar withdrew from his full-time involvement in the corporate world to devote time to seeking fulfillment through a non-religious spiritual pathway and the study of meditation.

Early on in his search for meaning, Graybar began studying various meditation techniques. At first, his initial studies were under an aging Buddhist monk. Over time though, Graybar reverted to his early scientific training and began studying and experimenting with various meditation methods on his own. Graybar understood from his own experiences that students of meditation that come from the west, due in part to the lifestyle challenges faced on a daily basis, would not be likely to respond most effectively to traditional eastern teachings of meditation.

With this understanding, in 1993 Graybar designed a unique combination of meditation methodologies that ultimately afforded him unprecedented levels of inner peace and mental focus. Since first developing his unique approach to meditation, Charles Graybar has taught his meditation methodology to thousands ofpeople in western cultures.

The methodology Graybar discovered in 1993 – and the ensuing experiences that he chronicled from those meditation explorations – were the subject of his best selling book, Beyond the Broken Gate. Due largely to the success of Beyond the Broken Gate and the ever-increasing demand for Graybar to teach his meditation and stress compensation techniques to a wide-ranging audience that spans corporate CEOs to postal workers to stay at home parents – all seeking tofind meaningful levels of inner calm amidst the assaults of a daily existence in the world today, Graybar wrote Calm amid Chaos.

Calm amid Chaos is a plain language, step-by-step course to the program Charles Graybar uses in teaching his Basic Meditation Seminars all over the country. It is written for anyone interested in reducing stress in their life and those interesting in pursuing meditation as a potential pathway to higher spiritual insights.