Marly Youmans



Marly Youmans
   - Ingledove

A gripping, fantastic battle against an evil creature

After rowing across the waters that cover what was once their home, a valley intentionally flooded during World War II, Ingledove and her older brother, Lang, visit their mother's remotely situated grave, where they find a mysterious inscription on her headstone: "A daughter of Adantis." Vaguely remembering hearing of Adantis when they were younger, the two siblings find themselves unwittingly entering into it, a magical place hidden deep in the Great Smoky Mountains. But they seem predestined to encounter something terrible as they continue what Lang thinks is just a good camping trip. A strange music hangs in the air, and eventually Lang is entranced by its source - at first sight, a beautiful woman. In fact, she is part serpent, an ancient creature of evil who is out to drain the life from Lang. Only with the help of a man called the Master of Witchmasters and only by venturing into enchanted tunnels will Ingledove be able to save her brother from death.

Mining the rich legends of the Cherokee Indians, Marly Youmans has crafted a decidedly American fantasy written in breathtaking prose.