Maurice Pledger

All About… Ocean Animals


Maurice Pledger
   - All About… Ocean Animals

What do whales eat for lunch? (Here's a hint: it's not a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich!) Young readers will love diving into this undersea odyssey, filled with fascinating facts about all of the amazing creatures that live in - and around - the ocean. Kids will get a chance to explore different environments like the shore, the shallows, reefs, and the open ocean, where they'll get up close with all kinds of wet and wild animals - from playful sea otters, penguins, and dolphins to deadly jellyfish, polar bears, and sharks. This lovely educational book is illustrated by award-winning artist Maurice Pledger, and includes 11 fun ocean-related activities like puzzles and drawing projects, as well as a diary section, 83 stickers, and a unique dolphin-shaped pen.

Издание на английском языке.